Stamp Design 4U

StampDesign4U was our first ever ecommerce website, way back in 2008. In those days we coded everything by hand, had a nifty Flash stamp designer and nobody had an iPhone or iPad. Now mobiles are really, really, important, Flash is pretty much dead and our ecommerce sites use the power of Magento. During all this StampDesign4U has grown and grown. … Read More


Babyshoes has been a customer since 2011 and over the years we’ve worked with they guys to add Ebay integration, make a dedicated mobile store and a few other tweaks. Each tweak and new design had been successful, but with the latest redesign we wanted to build on what we knew was working from the data we had. Making the site … Read More

DIY Kitchens 4u

DIY Kitchens are an online kitchen company, wanting to create an online ecommerce store for their products. With over 70 different styles of kitchens in a variety of colours and sizes, Tornado got to work straight away. The site features different sections for different products for customers to browse, along with customisable modules including an estimate delivery time on products, … Read More

The Courtyard

  The Courtyard are a charity funded cafe based within the North of Liverpool. The cafe being a brand new business, needed an ecommerce store in order for their customers to order online for lunch deliveries. As the company is only open for morning- lunch time trade, they needed custom functionality to only let the store open during specific times. Tornado … Read More


Tornado redesigned the layout for the Babyshoes website, to be able to give them more efficient sales with a new clean and crisp design. Babyshoes is an commerce store, which allows users to be able to purchase children’s footwear. The idea was to give the store a fresh new look which would appeal to their customers, and allow them to purchase … Read More