What Makes a Good Landing Page Design

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An effective landing page is the key to success of any online marketing campaign. Your product may be superb and your offer may be incredible, but without a good landing page design, your business will surely suffer. People may have different opinions regarding web design but when it comes to landing pages, everybody agrees that their design must be conversion-centric, … Read More

St Helens Business Fair


Join us at Langtree Park on 28th April from 10.30am – 3.00pm for the first St Helens Business Fair. Tornado are exhibiting along with two floors of exhibitors, this will be the largest business to business networking event in the heart of the North West. We’ll be showing off one of our new fabric exhibition stands and talking to people about … Read More

What Google’s New Layout Means For You


Google is now displaying up to four ads above organic desktop search results and removed the ads on the right sidebar. If you’ve been using Google over the last couple of days you’ll notice the pages look a little different. Last week Google has mixed things up, showing up to four ads above desktop search results, and simultaneously removing the ads on the … Read More

How to update Magento

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Update Magento

If you’ve had your Magento store for a while, it may be running an out of date version of Magento. Modules and bugs are still being developed and worked out of Magento version 2, so we’re not recommending that to customers until later in the year. For version 1 the latest version at the moment is You can check … Read More

MOT Coding Experiment

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After several of our clients have been caught out with with expired MOTs we decided to make an experiment that would send out a reminder via text message 21 days before the MOT was due. We started doing some research and found: 4.7 million motorists miss their MOT renewal date Driving without a valid MOT certificate carries a maximum fine of … Read More

Barclaycard Partnership


If you’re using an ecommerce platform like Magento you need to have a robust, clean and easy to use payment gateway solution. Over the years we’ve used quite a few, but never felt like we got the support or service our clients required. We where approached by Barclaycard to be one of a select group of partners with the expertise … Read More

Printing is back!


For people who’ve known us since way back in 2007, you’ll know we started life as a printing franchise. In 2010 we took the decision to focus more on the web side of things, but still provided print services to existing clients. Over the last few months we’ve spoke to our clients about what they would like from us and … Read More

External Marketing Department


We know our clients are busy servicing customers, and often as they get busier marketing activity is neglected. This often has a detrimental impact on securing sales from existing and potential clients in the medium to long term future. To ensure that marketing activity is completed and allow our clients to grow, but concentrate on the things they do best, Tornado … Read More

Mobile-friendly websites more important than you think


Last April, Google released a major change in its search engine as it switched priority to web sites that display well on smart phones and other mobile devices. Google has stated multiple times that responsive design is their preferred mobile configuration. Responsive Web Design uses fluid, proportion-based grids, flexible images and varying CSS style rules to deliver different user experiences to … Read More

Tornado Move to the Baltic Triangle


We’ve packed up our Macs and moved into fantastic new offices on St James Street right in the heart of The Baltic Triangle, Liverpool City Centre. Tornado is growing rapidly and we now have a team of designers, developers, seo and marketing experts. The expansion to our new office shows our commitment to growing the business and strengthening the services … Read More