Our Values


The Tornado Team are a group of passionate, focussed, big thinking, creative and amazing individuals, but together we are family! We challenge each other and care about those we work with. We care about results, but never at the expense of people. We have fun, we laugh, and we do it every day. Only working together can we create remarkable experiences we are truly proud of.


Tornado always deliver products and services of exceptional quality and performance that provide true value to all involved. We only work with clients and partners who match our values and want to be the best at what they do. To be truly excellent we never stand still and our always learning new ways to improve ourselves and our services.

Honesty & Integrity

We only recommend what works for our clients and charge a fair price for our services. Tornado talk straight, in plain English – no jargon or bullshit. We only make agreements that we are willing and intend to keep. If there is an issue, we work together to clear things up, communicating regularly and never hide or make excuses.


Everything about us is continuously developing; systems, software, technology, techniques and training. We do not point fingers, we own our mistakes and learn from them quickly. We are educators, continually developing ourselves, our fellow team members, clients and partners.

Building Relationships

Working with Tornado is a journey we take together, we listen and get to know our customers: what they do, who they do it to, how they do it and most importantly why they do it; only then can we learn, develop and advise them on moving forward. We bring people together, referring our customers, partners, friends and family to each other where appropriate, and reward people who do the same for us.


Our systems run our business and are followed until a new system is introduced. If a challenge arises the system will hold the solution. We regularly review our systems and processes, testing them to ensure they provide the best results. Recommendations for system improvements are encouraged and celebrated.


To make a difference you have to be brave; be a lion not a mouse, never afraid to make a call.



Tornado actively supports sports initiatives for children and adults. We watch. We play. We love sport and see first-hand how sport builds communities and social skills, helps with confidence and discipline, and improves physical and mental health. Tornado seeks out collaborations to deliver and support initiatives that promote fair play, education, physical, well being and developmental benefits for children and adults in our community.