Has Google Chrome started flagging your site as Not Secure?

KeithSEO, Web Design

Upgraded your Google Chrome recently and noticed something a little different? Google is getting serious about websites that don’t use encryption and the latest update is part of the search engine giant’s strategy for a more secure web. For a while now Google Chrome indicated connection security with an icon in the address bar. It was a little grey or red icon next to the web address, not seen it? Well you’re not alone, and those that did see it largely ignored it, so Google have decided to make it a whole lot bigger and scarier.

Google Chrome's new Not Secure Warning

Google Chrome is now going to label HTTP pages with password or credit card form fields as “not secure”. Google has also said that this is the first step and eventually all websites that do not have an SSL certificate will get this “not secure” warning!

Why The Change?

When you load a website over HTTP, someone else on the network could look at or modify the site before it gets to you. That weakness can be used to inject malware seamlessly into unencrypted web traffic, commonly known as an injection attack.

What is SSL?

When you’re on a site that has SSL you’ll see a padlock or green url bar in your browser. If you check your url bar now you’ll see our padlock, or if you’re in Chrome the “Secure” message.  This means we have a trusted, secure SSL certificate and we’re encrypting you’re connection to our server, so no potential hackers can “listen”, track or steal your information whilst you’re viewing our site.

As well as protecting you, it also one of Google’s many ranking signals and having a secure, encrypted website will give you a boost to your search engine ranking.

Is it just Google?

Nope, WordPress have also declared that SSL is going to play a big part in their plans for 2017. They’re starting to only recommend hosts who offer SSL by default and later in the year they may start making certain features of WordPress available to sites that have SSL set up.

Can you SSL me up?

SSL used to be expensive and difficult to implement, buying certificates, IP addresses and then trying to get it all set up. At Tornado we have our own web servers, and we’ve had our server guys hard at work to make it as easy as possible. With our hosting there’s now no need for IP addresses and we can make secure and valid SSL certificates for free. 

If you’re an existing customer get in touch with us and we’ll talk you through how we can migrate your site based on Google’s guidelines.

If you’re a project we’re currently working on SSL is included for free in your hosting with us – happy days.

If you’re not with us, we’d love to help you simply get in touch and we’ll arrange a coffee and talk you through your options.