What Makes a Good Landing Page Design

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An effective landing page is the key to success of any online marketing campaign. Your product may be superb and your offer may be incredible, but without a good landing page design, your business will surely suffer. People may have different opinions regarding web design but when it comes to landing pages, everybody agrees that their design must be conversion-centric, that is, it should persuade the user to take desired action.

Here are some pointers to keep in mind while designing landing pages to ensure maximum conversion rate optimisation:

Uncluttered and Organised Design

The primary purpose of your landing page must be to make it as easy and simple for the visitors as you can. Whether you want them to sign up for a newsletter, fill a form or download an e-book, the layout must be clean and uncomplicated. Display your essential points in bullet form so that they are easy to read. Also, do not overwhelm your visitors by including too much information.

High Quality Content

Not including too much information does not, in any way, mean that you compromise on the quality of the content. In fact, it is your words that will convert visitors. Make sure that the text on the landing page is engaging. Using the word “you” will make your copy personal and conversational which the reader will surely like. Moreover, words such as “imagine” can also be used to encourage the visitors to visualise using your product or service.

Catchy Headings

The heading is the first thing that your visitors will see when they enter your landing page. Use attractive headings to lure them in. Make some interesting offer or value proposition to grab the reader’s attention. Your visitors do not want to get bored so make sure that your heading is relevant and engaging.

Attractive Colour Schemes

A good landing page design also has incredible colour schemes and spectacular images. It has been found that red and green buttons considerably improve conversions. However, there must be a strong contrast between the colour of the button and the colour of the background.

Trust Signals

As the name suggests, trust signals indicate that your brand or service is trustworthy. The most popular trust signals are testimonials which are written by your clients or customers. If you have had satisfied customers in the past and they have written good things about you, be sure to include them on your landing page.

You can also use trust badges. These badges are logos of the well-known brands that you have worked for in the past. This gives your visitors a positive impression and ensures conversion.

Mobile Friendly

There has been an increase in smartphone users. Web designs including landing page designs must be mobile friendly. Your users must be able to navigate your website easily through their mobile phones. Make your landing page mobile friendly and easy to use to ensure maximum conversion.

Using these tips will surely improve the conversion rate optimisation of your landing page which will bring huge profits to your organisation.