MOT Coding Experiment

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After several of our clients have been caught out with with expired MOTs we decided to make an experiment that would send out a reminder via text message 21 days before the MOT was due. We started doing some research and found:

  • 4.7 million motorists miss their MOT renewal date
  • Driving without a valid MOT certificate carries a maximum fine of £1000
  • Two-thirds (64%) of motorists admit to continuing to drive their car illegally past the expiry date
  • The majority (79%) of those motorists who miss their MOT renewal date put it down to sheer forgetfulness
  • Driving without a valid MOT certificate automatically invalidates your insurance policy
  • Despite 12 million drivers (51%) stating they would like to receive a reminder for their next MOT, there is currently no official reminder service in place.

From model databases for a casting agency to CRM and sales systems, we’ve had some interesting web development projects over the last 12 months. Our web dev team have over 13 years of coding and designing databases. We use PHP for all our web development projects and specifically the Codeigniter framework. This allows us to quickly get a project up and running. Codeigniter has all the foundations we need and we build the functionality on top of this. Our database servers run MariaDB as it’s considerably faster and works a lot better with our Magento stores than MySQL.

So we fired up Coda and made some web forms for us to enter the details we get from the DVLA. Once they’re in an automated task takes over to query the database and run a report each day to see which vehicle owners need to be sent a reminder. A script then processes that report so the reminder can be sent through an online service which sends out the text message. Everything’s as automated as it can be and the server does all the leg work.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 23.58.33

Since completing this experiment we’ve been able to use what we’ve learned in a client’s project to send custom messages out to models stored in their database. We’ve saved them 33% on their text message costs as our system reduces the cost per message.

We’d love to speak to you if you have an ageing Access Database, are flummoxed by Filemaker, have a crap CRM or a junk job management system to show you how a cloud system can improve productivity and save you money. Get in touch.